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Who we are.

Sharm SAR

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Fast Rescue Craft - Search and Rescue Medical Service

SAR is a marine rescue evacuation center aimed at providing emergency evacuation, medical evacuation and rescue to all sea users. The pioneer project started first for the area of Sharm El Sheikh in order to respond to an increasing number of marine incidents due to the influx of tourism. With more than two million visitors per year for Sharm only, the need was clear for such a service. SAR was the fruit of years of efforts to provide help to people in distress at sea and ensure an efficient year round environment patrolling. The aim was to ensure that every sea user was aware of a land operation capable of providing professional and reliable help to respond to most of the marine incidents.

SAR has quickly become recognized both locally and internationally. Sharm El Sheikh SAR was officially accredited by the ILF (International Lifeboat Federation) and attracted interest from several international organizations working in the field of marine safety and emergency medical services, research and environment. SAR coordinates its work with medical facilities ranging from Hyperbaric chambers, Hospitals and clinics. Strong cooperation is in place with the national parks of the Red Sea and marine anti-pollution centers who count on SAR for its marine presence and quick response. SAR is also based in Hurghada.

SAR primarily operates as a public service and counts mainly on its members to help maintain the round the clock operation. Members are diving centers, water sport centers, hotels, boats, travel agents, and sponsors. SAR counts more than 350 active members. 

SAR stations are manned by dedicated rescuers with an extensive knowledge of marine practices as well as a permanent medical training. The cooperation with the National Parks of Egypt as well as the coast guards, navy and marine police allowed the control of numerous critical situations. Pollution and reef destruction are monitored and reported to the National Park. Regular beach and underwater clean-ups are always supported by SAR fleet. Raising safety standards as well as monitor the environment are priorities. Since the start date of operations in 2001, SAR has performed a total in excess of 1400 launches and contributed at returning more than two thousand people safely to shore.

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